Claiming on your insurance

Ultimately insurance is your responsibility but we can help

Most of our clients carry equine insurance but ultimately it is the client's responsibility to ensure payment of services and treatments provided.

That isn't to say we can't help you to complete the claims process.

Expediting a claim

  • We recommend that you obtain your claim forms quickly and submit them to the practice immediately.
  • Our in-house administrators will then process the form an return to you or the insurance company.
  • Note that some insurance companies have very strict timelines for the submission of claims forms. Please be aware of these as we cannot be held responsible for any late submission.


  • It is the client's responsibility to have read and understood their policy along with all inclusions and exclusions.
  • The client must advise the insurer of any treatments that need to be carried out to confirm their inclusion in the claim.

Getting further help

Our administration team will do what they can to assist you regarding your insurance claim. Please note that any specific questions should be directed to your insurance company.

  • Basic administrative assistance will be provided by our team at no charge.
  • If specific reports are requested by your insurer we reserve the right to levy a charge.
  • All payments must be made by the client to the Practice. The client must reclaim all monies from the insurer. We do provide the option for us to claim the monies direct from the insurer.
  • Interest will be charged on all balances outstanding for more than 30 days. These charges are the responsibility of the client. Any discrepancies must be taken up with the insurer directly.
  • All claim form/invoices are completed at the time and it is your responsibility to advise us if there are future / further costs to be submitted to the insurer. Your insurer may ask for a continuation form so please check with them.

Concluding your claim

  • We recommend that you regularly contact your insurer to make sure the claim is being processed successfully and on time.
  • We are not able to assist you in dealing directly with your insurance company.
  • All communications from the Practice will be directed to the client. In the event of unpaid balances you must follow up with your insurer to complete the claim on time.

Understanding your policy

Whilst we aren't here to help you to comb through your insurance document we have written a short piece that helps to break down the terminology and foundation of a standard equestrian insurance policy.


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