Dental Work


Using the vet to provide dental work

There are benefits to using your vet for dental work.   Aside from providing routine rasping we are able to perform a comprehensive examination with diagnosis and provide a full treatment plan including procedures which cannot, by law, be carried out by equine dental technicians.

In certain situations your vet may recommend and provide pain relief, local anaesthesia and antibiotics.  It may also be suggested that we sedate your horse not only to ensure we can do the best job possible, but also making it safer and less stressful for horse, handler and vet.

Why does my horse need a routine check-up?

Your horse’s teeth never stop erupting (growing).  This is to counter the natural wear caused by grazing. This cycle of growth and wear can lead to sharp hooks developing at any age which can damage and ulcerate the tongue and cheeks.

There are many issues relating to the teeth and gums which are easily treated if found early. Learn more about some of the more common dental problems we encounter here.

How often should I get a routine check-up

We recommend that dental checks are part of your horse’s routine healthcare and suggest that you have your horse examined every 6-12 months, dependent upon the individual.

Your visiting vet will advise you on the most suitable timing to suit your horse’s needs during your appointment.

Common signs of dental problems in your horse

You know your horse better than anyone so being able to spot  those signs will help you to stave off more serious issues and reduce costs.

Some of the more obvious signs may include:

  • Your horse takes longer eating.
  • Partially chewed food spat out, probably next to their feed bucket.
  • An unpleasant odour from their mouth.
  • Loss of weight and condition.
  • Changes in attitude or behaviour to bitting or when being ridden.

Whatever your concerns, give us a call. We are happy to talk to you about the possible problems your horse is having with their teeth.

Preparing for the equine dentist

Whatever the reason is for our visit we would always recommend that you make your horse as comfortable and as relaxed as possible before we arrive. We require access to clean fresh water, and often power supply too.

Sedation for equine dental technicians (EDTs)

If requested, we are willing to work with and sedate horses for EDTs to perform routing dental work. Please be aware that we will need to be present for the duration of the procedure being carried out. In some cases it may be useful for us to discuss the planned work with your dentist for us to allow enough time. In some instances it may be financially beneficial for you for us to perform the dental work for your horse; we are happy to discuss this with you and advise you.




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