Embryo Transfer


 A procedure gaining popularity within the UK

What are the benefits? 

  • Embryo transfer allows mares to be bred from without the mare having to carry a foal and take time out of work or competition. An embryo is taken from the mare (donor) and transferred into a recipient mare who then carries the foal throughout pregnancy and gives birth to the foal.
  • This method allows several embryos to be taken from the donor mare over time,  meaning you can breed several foals from your mare in one year.
  • This procedure may also be suitable for mares that cannot carry a foal to term due to injury.

How do we do it? 

We offer a non-surgical embryo transfer to either your own recipient mare or hired recipient mares. For successful embryo transfer close management of both the donor and recipient mare is required.

It is important that the donor mare and the recipient mare have synchronised oestrus cycles (come into season at the same time). Therefore the mares will need to be closely monitored via ultrasonography prior to any other procedures being undertaken. 

In order to produce an embryo the donor mare must first be inseminated at the appropriate time either with fresh, chilled or frozen semen by artificial insemination (AI) or natural cover. This is most likely to depend upon the chosen stallion.

The donor mare will undergo a flushing procedure to retrieve any embryos 7 days after ovulation if fresh or chilled semen is used, or 8 days after ovulation if frozen semen is used.

A non-surgical transfer of the embryo into the recipient mare is performed, which is a similar procedure to that used for AI. This can be done on site if using your own recipient, or if using a hired recipient the embryo is specially transported to the recipient's facility by same day delivery.

The recipient mare is scanned for pregnancy at 14 days (6-7 days post-transfer) and again at 25, 45 and 60 days. 

Details and Prices

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