Fact sheets and general guidance

Laminitis in horses and ponies
Laminitis in horses and ponies
Passports and Bute
The rules behind Equine Passports and Bute
Common horse health problems
Common horse health problems that can affect your horse or pony
Equine influenza in sport horses
Equine influenza in sport horses has to be kept up to date if you want to enter the ring
Common equine dental problems
Common equine dental problems that can affect your horse
Choke is a condition in which food material gets stuck somewhere in a horses oesophagus before it reaches the stomach.
Managing pain
A horse experiences pain when pain receptors in the body respond to a painful stimulus by sending an impulse up the nerve fibres to the spinal cord and subsequently into the brain.
Poisonous plants
Plants can be poisonous to horses so well worth making yourself aware of plants that you might not have realized may cause a problem.
It is an offence to own a horse without a passport, meaning you cannot export the horse, sell it, use for purposes of competition, move a horse to the premises of a new keeper or present for slaughter for human consumption.
At some time in its life, your horse may need a sedative. This may be while the horse is having dental work, during clipping or when having veterinary treatment carried out.
Insurance is a good way to protect yourself from unexpected veterinary bills and to ensure you can always afford the best possible treatment without being restricted by a limited budget.
The aim of euthanasia is to provide a quick and painless death for your horse to avoid unnecessary suffering from illness or injury.
Wound management
Wounds can range from shallow, partial thickness wounds that involve only the superficial layers to full thickness wounds that reveal deeper tissues, perhaps muscle, tendon, ligament or bone.
There are several different types of worms that can affect horses, all causing slightly different problems.
Equine influenza
Equine influenza virus is highly contagious with an almost 100% infection rate in unvaccinated horses/ponies exposed to the virus.


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