Veterinary care for Leisure Horses


Family pets, happy hackers and weekend warriors

Every horse needs the right care at the right time and that very much goes for the leisure horse.   These horses and ponies are the unsung heroes of the equine world, coping with the regular riding you do every day as well as the occasional competition.

Routine care is the most effective way of keeping your horse fit and well. From regular farriery, dietary management, worming programmes

How we can help

Here at the practice we are all 'horsey' people just like you, and are all personally familiar with the considerations and cost ofkeeping a horse. As well as being there for you and your horse should something go wrong, we are always available to advise you on everything from general to preventive management.

We provide a full range of veterinary services to all horses, ponies and donkeys  including health checks, vaccinations, routine dentistry, management advice, medical conditions, lameness investigations, and year-round emergency care.

Our range of mobile diagnostic equipment allows us to diagnose and treat a wide variety of conditions at our clients' premises, in the comfort of your horse's own stable. We are also able to diagnose and treat cases at our purpose-built facilities. 


   Zone Visits

   We have developed a more cost-effective Zone Visit scheme to            compliment our existing services.

   We provide routine examinations and procedures with a significantly    reduced visit fee of only £9.50 (including VAT) per client.

   Check it out on our Zone Visit page.


Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions about our services

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