Veterinary care for Sport Horses


Being a sport horse can be hard so take extra care

The sport horse is out on the circuit, training and competing on a regular basis.  As you would expect, those long hard training sessions and competitions can are hard work, and like any athlete it is important to be 100% on top of their routine care and dietary requirements.

What disciplines do you compete in? 

With the increasing popularity of equestrianism we have a large number of clients who compete at all levels in a variety of equestrian disciplines including eventing, showjumping, dressage, showing, driving and endurance.

Steve had the privilege of supporting the US Virgin Island team at the 2012 Paralympics- check it out under Practice News! 

What we are able to do for you

We provide a high-quality and personalised service to all of our clients and horses, offering not only our veterinary knowledge, but also our background experience of the equine industry and of riding and training horses of various disciplines. 

We understand the workload and physical demands in relation to competitive equine sports, are work alongside both horse, rider and owner to maintain and maximise optimum health and performance of your horse

Diagnosis and treatments

We aim to deliver accurate diagnosis and evidence based treatment and prognosis for horses with lameness, poor performance and back-related problems.We routinely perform diagnostic analgesia (nerve blocks),mobile digital radiography and ultrasonography. Where more advanced diagnostics are required for more complex or high-value cases, we are able to selectively refer cases for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), nuclear scintigraphy (bone scan), or computed tomography (CT). Airway disease and equine gastric ulcer syndrome (EGUS) are other causes of reduced performance, and we can perform endoscopic examinations at yards.



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