Stud medicine

We offer a complete stud medicine service from routine pre-breeding disease screening to embryo transfer.

We provide a full service to local stud farms as well as smaller scale breeders, with one of our veterinarians having recently gained her Certificate in Advanced Veterinary Practice in Equine Stud Medicine as well as having worked in foal care and stud medicine in Australia and the USA.  We can offer you support from the moment you start thinking about putting your mare in foal through to weaning.  Services we offer routinely include:

  • Routine breeding management: Pre-breeding disease testing and scanning of mares to determine optimal time for cover or to send to stud.
  • Pregnancy diagnosis: From day 13 onwards. We can also perform external scans later in pregnancy to assess foetal wellbeing and for pregnancy diagnosis in the smaller mare.
  • Infertility investigations: Including collection and assesment of semen and investigation of the subfertile mare.
  •  Artificial insemination: with fresh, chilled and frozen semen. We offer fixed price packages to help clients budget for this very popular means of putting your mare in foal.
  • Embryo transfer: This increasingly popular technique allows people to have a foal from their mare without the mare having to carry the foal to term. 
  • Care of the mare and foal:  We offer advice and care of the mare both pre and post foaling as well as being able to attend difficult foalings or provide care of the sick newborn foal.  One of our vets has worked in neonatal intensive care in Australia and the USA and has experience of managing all sorts of post foaling complications.

Our AI facility is at Westlands Stud where we also advise the stud on providing a semen collection and shipping service. The facilities and lab set up on the stud farm mean it is our preferred option for frozen semen AI, Embryo transfer and problem mares. We offer several packages for fresh, chilled and frozen AI inclusive of visit fees at Westlands Stud as well as Embryo Transfer.  Details and All Prices are availble from the Stud.  We are able to perform AI at your premises, however, in certain situations this may not be optimal so we encourage all clients to ring the clinic and talk to our reproduction vet if you are considering AI or Embryo Transfer for your mare.

Check back soon for 2016 AI package Prices


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